(Post updated to include response from Maggi India)

Nestlé is gradually attempting to make amends after the big Maggi noodles controversy that hit both its brand image and stock prices hard.

As part of its brand revival strategy Nestlé India has released a minute-and-a-half long video that essentially wants to deliver the message that Nestle has been an unwavering companion in India’s journey this far.

But missing from the video is Maggi instant noodles, perhaps the company’s best known brand in India. Even in the product spread at the end of the video, there’s no Maggi noodles (there are other Maggi products, but not the instant noodles that is synonymous with the brand). This is quite surprising, especially because the company has been steadfast in its stance that there’s nothing wrong with Maggi noodles.

Nestle India 100 years in India video

For many Maggi fans, who also have stood by their favourite noodles even in the face of regulatory restrictions, this sidelining of Maggi noodles by Nestlé could be an act of betrayal.

Nestle might be wanting to play it safe, but if they have been standing up for something, they shouldn’t be making attempts to hide that.

Even if we give the company a benefit of doubt. It could have been Maggi noodles that a mother is seen lovingly feeding her teenage daughter 68 seconds into the video. But we can’t clearly see what it is. Also a spoon used, instead of a fork – the normal choice of cutlery to have noodles.

There’s more in the video, that Nestlé India shouldn’t have overlooked. A post on that is following soon.

Also the green dot vegetarian mark on the end-frame stands out like a nazar ka tika. Nestlé India is trying too hard to please and stumbling in the process.

Maggi has responded to the query raised in this post. In reply to my tweet to Nestle India, Maggi India said [1, 2, 3], “You must be aware that the Hon’ble Bombay High Court has lifted the FSSAI ban order on Maggi Noodles. They have asked for fresh tests to be conducted in select accredited labs and these tests are still underway. We have taken a conscious decision not to use the Maggi Noodles pack shot in the film until the process is complete.”

Okay. It was the company’s “conscious decision.” However, in my opinion, they should have waited till Maggi was back on the shelves and this video would have then had manifold impact with Maggi featuring prominently in it. “Maggi returns, brings memories along,” could have been a possible title of a post on Cutting the Chai.