Pulsar 220 DTS-iThe problem with Bajaj Auto is that they are always in a hurry to launch new products and variations and they also discontinue the old brands and variations at an equal pace.

For the consumers such a constant endeavour to makes things better is good, but then there is always the feeling that if one had waited a little longer, he might have got something better.

The latest mean machine from the Bajaj stable is the Pulsar 220 DTS-i and they are promoting it as the fastest thing on Indian roads. And they have (I assume the agency is Oglivy) put up a TVC that’s a combo of slowmo and pace.

The ad (titled ‘Slow Jack’) has a Wild West feel. A wanted criminal is robbing a bank at his own easy pace and the law enforcers are arriving fast. The robber is nonchalant. He sits on his Pulsar 220 and poof! he is gone.

Watch the ad:

Download video [00:01:02 FLV 1.39 MB]
Download hi-res video [00:01:02 AVI 5.88 MB]

‘The Fastest Indian’ is the catchline. Unlike other Bajaj (particularly Pulsar ads) this doesn’t have any zipping bikes. In fact in this ad you can hardly get good look at the bike. Though the idea is nice, somehow the impact is a bit amiss. The first time I watched the ad, it didn’t hit me as the makers would have liked it to.

Since bringing an Indian angle in a Wild West American set up might seem a little difficult (unless you transport Quick Gun Murugan to the banks of the Mississippi), they bank robber has American Indian features (I think so), and he disappears fast before the long (and fast) hands of the law catches up with him. Hence, ‘the fastest Indian’. Never mind if he is red.

And in case you like the track, you can download an MP3 audio file from here. Since Bajaj Auto have themselves put it up, I’m saving myself the hassle of uploading it.

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