It’s been a crazy, busy month. First went on a short vacation home, followed by crazy work schedules and then a lot of activity on the personal front, leaving me totally exhausted at the end of the day (or the start of the morning, depending on my shift at work) with no energy left to fire up Blogger and post something.

Today, after a long while, I have a part of my Sunday to myself and while the clothes wash themselves in the washing machine, I thought of putting to rest the concerns of readers and friends who seem have the inkling that I’ve abandoned this blog.

The last post on this blog was a month back. And it was about deleting my videos, the update is that I’ve (thanks to managed to download all the videos and now have to upload them elsehwere (this is going to take some time given the number of videos that I had posted).

Far from giving up on this blog, I have some grandoise (by my standards) plans on my mind and am slowly working towards it. That, again, will take some time. logoFor starters, let me introduce you to a new experimental (not that new since it is online since August) website/blog – Essentially an abbreviation for the Directory of Official Bollywood Movie Websites.

You can know more about it in the About Us and FAQs sections.

This is still in a development stage, with me doing all the work (with a little lot of help from Google search). While I intend to keep it simple, will add some elements to make the indexing and search better.

And even before a formal announcement people have started to take notice.

Coincidentally, both Cutting the Chai and were featured on AOL’s Asylum India Indian Blogs We Love – Debut Edition.

About, they say:

Or DOBMW for short, is a blog dedicated to achieving just one goal – being the one-stop source to all the official movie websites for upcoming Bollywood releases. Though it seems the site only began archiving in August this year, we feel it’s still not too late to start; considering having official websites for marketing purposes came into practice in India only recently. It’s quite a useful website if you love looking up Bollywood releases, wallpapers, filmi downloads and are just too lazy to search for them on the web.

You want another reason to bookmark this blog? They don’t like Himesh Reshammiya either. (They say so in their FAQs!)

And on Cutting the Chai:

Run by Soumyadip, a New Delhi-based media professional, is a blog centered around the world of Indian advertising – the good and the bad. From print ads to video commercials, special categories dedicated to condom ads (he calls it “Rubbers of India”), Soumyadip highlights the creative talent (and sometimes the lack of it that) that exist in Indian advertising. From time to time, he posts his thoughts on other media and even gives away Indian railway announcements as ringtones.

Do send in the feedback.