I do a lot of my shopping online and always have an eye open to catch the best diaper deals (We have a 22-month-old son). A big gap in online shopping in India is that there isn’t one search engine to fulfil my online shopping search needs. Google India doesn’t have a shopping option (which is anyway limited to their partners) and neither does Bing. And the ones that exist are too limiting in their selection of websites.

A plain vanilla search on the regular search engines will flood you with mostly useless results from not-what-we-want-but-SEO-optimised websites. To fill in the gap arrives India Shopping Searchhttp://iss.cut.tc


This isn’t anything fancy, but I believe it fulfils my online product search needs well. India Shopping Search is a Google Custom Search Engine, that to begin with, searches across 34 leading Indian online ecommerce websites and also let you filter results by store, relevance and recency.

I have, for now, only included the websites I have experienced myself and are appear to be credible (This doesn’t of course include results from websites where I had to face horrendous online shopping experiences). If you have a website to add, do let me know.

Happy searching. Happy shopping.