is giving up on its USP – music search. Not sure whether it is because of the piracy allegations that led to the arrest of its CEO or the emerging competition in the form of Google Music and the still in private beta Indiatimes’ Indications are, it is more of the former.

The home page no longer displays the music search link. While the Guruji music search page is still functional, it isn’t linked from anywhere on the site and the music search engine also seems to have stopped crawling and indexing new songs. Looks like Guruji wants it to die a slow death.

Not sure when this change happened. Noticed it a couple of days ago.

Guruji removes music search link
Guruji removes music search link

The other popular Indian music search engine Phulki is also dead. Is this a victory for the music labels? A battle won, maybe. But the war can’t be won with litigation.

(Indiatimes seems to be confused about’s release stage. The icon on the logo indicates alpha while the text says exclusive beta. Hope the final product isn’t confusing.)

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  • pabbe

    Gaana isnt confused. They are in alpha while they are offering signup for invites for their beta site (When they launch it)!

  • Vijay

    It’s still there.. just link from home page is removed.