I am not an avid online shopper, but am slowly changing my purchasing priorities. While nothing can beat the experience of the touch and feel of offline shopping, there are stuff that you cannot easily find in the neighbourhood stores. And there are things that you discover online that is very unlikely to get any shelf space at physical store.

Here’s one such sample – maternity jeans for men. Came across this on Alibaba.com, China’s leading e-commerce platform. The product in question is manufactured by Shunde Junzirui Garment Factory, Guangdong, China and the minimum one can order is 500 pieces.

Maternity jeans for men

The only customer that I can think of for the product is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior (1994). Moreover, it doesn’t also look anything like maternity jeans.

In all likelihood it is the result of a mix-up. Nevertheless good fun.