You may have seen the photos below elsewhere on the Internet, but it was on Cutting the Chai were they first appeared online, back in November 2006 and then went viral. If only I had watermarked them, would’ve got so much of free publicity 🙁

As one of my favourite cricketers ever plays his last ever One Day International, [Update 9 March 2012: announced his retirement from Test and First Class cricket, in effect all forms of the game.] republishing these photographs from Rahul Dravid’s childhood, adolescence and youth as a tribute.

Dravid was the captain of the Indian team at the time of the original post. Excerpt:

Rahul Sharad Dravid has grown up a lot, and has always been the quiet type (as the photos reveal) since his childhood. Always strived to reach for the heights (see third photo from the top). And he did. He might be at the helm of an underperforming team at the moment, but that doesn’t take any credit away from his ability as a cricketer. He’s been one of my favourites, even though he remains an unexpressive gentleman in the towers of triumph or the depths of defeat.

Many years ago, a cousin of mine came visiting. He was just over a year old and armed with a bladder that went off precisely at the time when there wasn’t any diaper to guard the cushions against his wet assault. He was just beginning to talk, and I never heard him say ‘Maa’ or ‘Baba,’ as kids usually do. His tongue had a distinct liking for the name, “Daa-bid” and he jumped with excitement every time Rahul Dravid was visible on the television screen. Haven’t met him ever since. Putting this post together reminded me of him and his infantile Dravid attraction. To you, perhaps the youngest ever Dravid fan.

On to the photos: