Maxim claims to be the sexiest men’s magazine around and occasionally comes with with sexy ads promoting itself. Here’s a sample from 2005:

Maxim magazine advertisement

The best thing to happen to men since women.

How to bowl a maiden over.
And everything else on a man’s mind

Excites more men around the world than any other men’s lifestyle magazine.

Agency: Euro RSCG

Had posted this ad earlier (but along with other Maxim magazine ads), but scanning through my magazine clipping thought that this deserves a dedicated post.

This ad reminds me of a 1996 or 1997 issue of an Indian men’s magazine (can’t recall which) featuring photos of a girl in a cricket kit (and nothing much else on).

You may also be interested in Cutting the Chai’s 2009 rating of the best men’s magazines in India that also includes the 10 sexiest Indian men’s magazine covers.