Really? And I am also eagerly waiting for the deodorant that doesn’t assure deprived males of an unlimited supply of attractive and libidinous women at just the spray of a can.

The simple logic behind the monotonous similarity of advertisements for male grooming products is that men want to look (and smell) good so that they can attract women to be able to do what most males across the animal kingdom seek to, spread their seed.

And this simplicity has killed all creativity and left us audiences numb. These ads no longer titillate. They effect is somewhat like an overdose of porn. Nothing happens.

This ad for Morisons Jentlemen shaving cream is hypocritical.

Morisons Jentleman Shaving Cream

Finally, a shaving cream that does not arouse sexual feelings
Gives you a healthy shave instead.

Presenting, Morison’s Jentleman shaving cream.

A shaving cream meant to just shave. Rightfully so, we made a shaving cream that brings lather, smells good ans lets you have a easy, smooth & healthy shave.

Morison’s Jentleman shaving cream has ajo – a triblend of aloe vera to moisturise dry skin, jojoba oil to keep the skin softer, cleaner and olive oil, high in anti-oxidants, keeping your skin all around healthier.

Have a smooth & healthy shave. Nothing else!

Morisons Jentleman Shaving Cream
Smooth Shave.
Healthy Shave.
Aur kuch nahin!

A quality product from the house of JL Morisons