The last time I discovered a cricketing hero’s childhood photos, I was quite excited and passed it on to the readers of this blog. Today, I found another.

Continuing with the guessing game tradition, guess who? (and for those hooked to television comedy talent shows – pehchaan kaun?)

Not very tough I think, or maybe it is. I’m sure some of you would have seen this photo, even though it isn’t as popular as that of a a wavy-haired little Sachin.

Got it? If not, this is the original Little Master when he was actually little.

This photo of Sunil Manohar Gavaskar is sourced from his 1976 autobiography Sunny Days. And the caption accompanying the photograph reads:

Gavaskar ‘the baby’ cricketer, in leg-guards stiched by his mother and sweater knitted by his grandmother.

And this photo is when he grew up a little more and tied the knot with Marshaniel.

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