Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Narcissist Sparrows

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Thankfully in Delhi there are still a lot of birds around (the feathery kind). I do my bit to make them feel at home with their morning supply of grains (and water in the summers). It’s not that they don’t trouble me once in a while. Today, my friend pointed out that the some of [Read more]

A Master’s Pic from When He Was Little

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The last time I discovered a cricketing hero’s childhood photos, I was quite excited and passed it on to the readers of this blog. Today, I found another. Continuing with the guessing game tradition, guess who? (and for those hooked to television comedy talent shows – pehchaan kaun?) Not very tough I think, or maybe [Read more]

Incredible Colours of India

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Incredible !ndia in a colourful packaging Charcoal GreyHave a thirty-six-course banquet cooked for you. Shop for over sixty kinds of tulips. Access e-mail round the clock. All without ever setting foot on land.Incredible ! Mustard Yellow100% recyclable. 100% bio-degradable. 100% self-sufficient. 100% rural tourism.Incredible !ndiawww.incredibleindia.orgBorn 563 BC. Enlightened in 528 BC. Great passing in 483 [Read more]