The spirit of Cutting the Chai is to share ideas (and other stuff). Taking that a little forward, I propose to display ads for free on this blog.

This offer is primarily aimed at not for profit organisations who want to spread their messages. But is also extendable to individuals and companies who are making innovations to make lives better, even if there is a profit motive attached to it.

Moreover, I would also encourage startups to use the space on this blog ( aka Cutting the Chai), to announce their presence on the World Wide Web.

To begin with I intend to display the ads on the right panel of this blog. The ads can be in text, images or animated (flash, gif). Though images and animation would have a width restriction of 120px.

The ads would be displayed for a specified period of time (ranging from a day to a month – extendable in exceptional cases).

As mentioned, there would be no cost involved on the part of the advertisers, besides sourcing the creatives, though I can help wherever necessary.

Interested individuals/organisations can mail me at cuttingthechai [@] or more simply drop a comment on this post.

Why am I doing this?

One, maintaining this blog doesnot involve too much of a monetary investment on my side. I give my spare time to this, since that time is spare, it shouldn’t also cost much.

Two, I wanted to try something new on this blog. Something that doesn’t cost money. Whatever I thought of involved loosening my purse strings. So thought of doing it the other way round.

Three, some things need to be told. Even if people have already heard it, it makes sense to tell that to them again.

Four, I already pointed that out in the first sentence of this post. Plus I have a thing for ads.

What’s the catch?

Nothing much. Only that I reserve the right to filter the ads (in the unlikely likelihood of me being flooded with ads wanting to be put up), though I’ll make my best efforts to accomodate all of them (barring the outrightly insane or offensive).

And incase someone volunteers to pay for the ads, I’ll think over it.

What next?

Maybe, a Craigslist on the right nav. Or I start charging people money for the ads, in case I lose my day job. Or I figure out a way to make money while keeping things for free and I myself quit my day job and build myself a Himalayan retreat (with a broadband connection of course).

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