So long, Stage6

The news had been circulation on the online world for some time and finally the day arrived. This is what…


Banned – Jodhaa Akbar

Ban – the word invokes both interest and anger. Interest because anything that is banned has definitely rubbed someone the…


Sushmita Before

Everyone has seen the after. Here’s Sushmita Sen before the (alleged) nose and boob job (though you can’t verify the latter from the image). The world adores herShe adores Mohini…Continue Reading →

Vintage PCs from 1996

1996 was only 12 years back. The adverb ‘only’ doesn’t exactly fit in right here. It was only the year…


More Yana

Finally, the second set of Yana‘s photographs landed on my inbox. And obviously, I couldn’t help posting them here.


An Ad and 47 Songs

Here’s an ad for Valentine’s Day: November 14thHave no surprises for children’s day.“Happy Valentine’s Day”Durex And a potpourri of 47 songs, that I had compiled together (with considerable effort) last…Continue Reading →

MOTOFONE Suhaag Raat Ad

I don’t remember seeing this ad on TV. Maybe because I watch very little on the television these days. The…