When Indra Came Down Upon the Comic Con

Lord Indra has a vindictive streak about him and he doesn’t seem to approve of Indian comics. Perhaps because of his often unflattering depiction in Amar Chitra Katha and the new-age mythological comics .

On the second day of the first ever Indian Comic Con, the heavens opened up, complete with a minor storm and hailstones. The comic loving crowd, that forced me to park a kilometre away, had to scurry for cover.

Having never been to a comic conference, I didn’t know what to expect. Since it was about comics, my first love, cancelled all other Sunday assignments to make to Dilli Haat. Also cajoled the Chaiwali for company (hate driving long distances alone).

Was a bit disappointed, it looked and felt like just another trade expo with a few people dressed up as superheroes thrown in. I expected a comic con to be more like the comics that I read all my life, full of colour and a bit of character. Also it was too crowded for my comfort. And the unexpected rain spoiled the little fun that I was was just starting to have (it’s no fun driving back 25 kilometres in wet jeans, and undies).

But the 1st Indian Comic Con surely boast of the highest concentration of DSLRs and pretty faces that I had seen in quite a while. Did I notice someone in a Savita Bhabhi getup?

Was pleasantly surprised a familiar looking face. Manish Dhingra (@manishd) was promoting his digital publishing venture Mediology in a Superman getup. Manish was quite in demand with the DSLR-touting gang (including me, only mine isn’t a DSLR). The spoils of the day:

Looking forward to next year’s edition and I’ll remember to bring along the umbrella, or better a raincoat. Hope Indra doesn’t send a thunderbolt (not the beer) my way.

PS: The momos served at the Sikkim stall at Dilli Haat are giving Sikkimese cuisine a bad name.