Savita Bhabhi blocked again in India (also Typepad and Mobango)

Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi, the nymphomaniac sister-in-law, has again being censored by the law

Savita Bhabhi’s last known home,, has been made out of bounds by Indian ISPs on the directives of the Department of Telecommunications.

The infamous Indian sister-in-law, after her initial brush with the Indian law in 2009 when the domain was shown the red flag by sarkari babus, remained low for a while before making a comeback on a new domain.

The new website was also blocked for a while, but then someone lustfully plugged it back. With the new site Savita, along with several other newly born desi porn comic stars, went paid. Now the block on is back again.

The message displayed while trying to access the site reads: “This site has been blocked as per request from Department Of Telecom.

Unlike previous blocking attempts, this time around the ISPs are making it explicit that the website(s) have been censored. It means that instead of troubling your index finger and the F5 key, you should look for anonymous proxies.

It seems that Savita Bhabhi (and her friends at is being selectively targetted, while other notorious Indian porn websites are still freely accessible. Maybe Savita Bhabhi is paying the price for her (in)fame.

After the initial ban, Savita Bhabhi became a worldwide sensation, Cutting the Chai had also first posted the news about Savita Bhabhi going global.

This ban will affect only the novice surfers. For those who want to open another door, the key is only a Google search away. Or Savita may smartly move house again. Her lovers will know where to find her.

While we can understand the reason behind the attempts to make Savita Bhabhi unavailable, but why are seemingly innocuous (a website offering free mobile applications, games, themes and ringtones) and (a free blogging service) also blocked. A bulk SMS gateway, is also barricaded (I am not too sad about this bulk SMS site being blocked, in fact am a bit on the happier side).

The Department of Telecommunications should at least make the their website blacklist public, also citing the reasons for blocking a particular website. We have a right to know.

A few days ago blogspot blogs were unreachable through several Indian ISPs, it was only after users raised a stink that normal services were restored. Expectedly there was no explanation.

Indications are, this is the beginning of yet another round of online barricades and blockages set up by the agencies of the Indian government.

  • Shivam

    This post is dated Feb 22. Were Typepad, Mogambo and clickatell also blocked on that date? How did you come to know of the blockade?

    • Yes, all three (plus were blocked and hence this post. In fact Typepad had been blocked for a while on Airtel (at least for a week prior to this post). Was attempting to log in to Typepad again, and then noticed the message (it didn’t appear earlier), got curious and checked the usual suspect (it was accessible a few days earlier) to find a similar message on my browser. Googled for Twitter and forum posts and discovered a few more websites being reported inaccessible.

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  • Funny they are after the bits and bytes, when they should be blocking the outflow of hawala cash.

    PS: Didn’t know about Kirtu.. That Bhabijee was reincarnated, ie.. Too bad they blocked Kirtu just when I learn of it.

    • Marriage does strange things to men. They also forget to keep a tab on their favourite bhabijee 😉