Misty Misty Delhi Morning
7:00 AM, Delhi Metro’s Kashmere Gate station. A disheveled youth in his mid 20s with reddish eyes wearing a jacket and a suspicious looking satchel hung across walks in. The solitary policeman at the security check looks at him suspiciously, feels for the contents of his bag from the outside and lets him in. On the platform, other early morning passengers eye him with similar suspicion, but no one enquires anything. Aboard the train they just keep a vigilant eye on him.

He reaches his destination, Rajiv Chowk in Connaught Place. The station is almost deserted except for security personnel. No one stops him now, because he is exiting the metro network. He takes a long stroll to his office and types down this post on his blog.

After the serial blasts, Delhi is cautious but not overzealously so. Possible suspects haven’t been shot. I continue to post yet another post.

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