This post does not imply endorsement of any product or brand by this blog. It is only to inform fellow bloggers who happen to reside in the national capital region or are on a visit here and are not aware of the news (in fact it’s five months old) that the famous Sreeleathers of Calcutta/Jamshedpur have opened shop right at the heart of New Delhi – 16 A, Regal Building, Connaught Place.

I made this discovery yesterday (the big banners which they had hung all over the Durga Puja pandals in CR Park lent no clue to my limited intelligence) and had a shopaholic fit. Their full stock is not yet on display and the decor still half done, but their legendary quality compounded with wallet friendly pricing will only add more to your leather collection.

The featured leather waist pouch (above) cost me Rs. 189.00.

But the sandals, which I really liked, didn’t have a pair in my size.

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  • Admin

    U sure r an early morning blogger. And sreeleathers do hjave some good leathers. My mom always ask for it whenever I went home.. she never wanted those fancy bags I bought her from Shopperstop and all.

  • dwaipayan

    why didnt they have a sandal of ur size? ur size is too big or too small??

  • Soumyadip

    They manufacture my size, but it wasn’t in stock at the particular outlet. The assured me that they would get it in two weeks time.

  • Abaniko

    Is the leather original or synthetic? Leather sandals are cool and comfortable I prefer them to shoes when I go to informal occasions.

  • Soumyadip

    The leather seems original. I usually identify leather by smell. I’m not sure if the results are always correct. But my experience says so.

  • Anonymous

    to check whether leather is artificail or natural, try burning it. The artificial will tend to catch fire a lot quicker and sort of melt, while the leather one will resist the fire and whne it catches fire it will become charcoal-ish. thats a true test.

  • Soumyadip

    I could try it, but the shopkeeper might take offense.

  • Anonymous

    on the sreeleathers website, in the men’s accessories section just check out the prices. a leather wallet costs Rs 1024, whereas a leather folio costs 303. a belt costs 556 while a briefcase costs only 202. if one has to buy a wallet, its better to get it from the store because it’ll cost Rs 200 or so. And to buy a folio or briefcase, one should get it online at one-tenth of the price. thats called bragian prices.

  • Admin

    that trial by fire seem very interesting.. Shops would have to put up those pacard with “nice to see, if burnt considered sold”

  • Soumyadip

    The prices on their site and the store vary to a great extent.

  • Greta Björg

    I think you can almost always SMELL wheather a thing is made from leather or some artificial stuff, maybe I´m wrong…also the artificial is a great deal different to touch than the real thing, but maybe my fingers are just that extra sensitive ;)Sometimes the artificially made thing is TOO even, while the leather has some fine shading…hmm…I think there are many ways you can tell.

  • Breaking News (Zee Tv)

    Sree leather has paid kickbacks (y dont they use kickasses instead?) to Soumya to have their products endorsed on the post.

  • pallavi

    we have a nice one in Bnagalore known as TLC.. get good price for it but nothing liek Delhi or Kolkatta.. I say..