One of the woes that plague the Indian judicial system is its chronic inability to keep pace with the cases that keep on piling up. But our other court – the ‘oncamera’ one is not retarded by any such incapability. Here decisions (not justice) are dispensed before the prime time deadlines. Sabse tez (the fastest) – is the promise. And it is delivered, irrespective of the consequences.

Journalism books till today preach the long forgotten professional trait of objectiveness. My professor used to tell me, let opinions remain within the confines of the edit page. But dry facts, devoid of the moisture of prejudice do not attract viewers/readers.

The basic tenet of justice – ‘Innocent unless proven guilty,’ has gone contrary. The courts will take years to evaluate the arguments of the prosecution and defence to come to a decision. News doesn’t have any patience value. All accused are guilty. There isn’t much time for unearthing the truth. This aspect is better left to discussion shows with lower TRPs.

Once proclaimed guilty by the kangaroo courts run by the fourth pillar of democracy, there is very little scope for a retrial. Unless your uncle’s company is the one which fills in the spaces between news stories on a rival news channel. And if the courts in the distant future proclaim the ‘guilty,’ honourably innocent, there will hardly be a murmur.

Innocence is disinteresting (Indians lodged in Pakistani jails are an exception), guilt rules. I hold the media guilty. No appeal, no presidential pardon.

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