A body ache accompanied the sore throat which the post-Diwali pollution had given me. I went to the neighbourhood chemist and asked for some throat lozenges. Seeing me in a visibly unsound shape, he enquired about my symptoms. And like a trained medicine practitioner, suggested different combination of drugs. I was clueless and left it to his judgement.

On my way home I read the rear of the tablet strips to ensure that none of them were from the restricted prescription-drug category. Thankfully none were.

So many of us, instead for taking the longer route via the intermediary called the doctor, opt for the shortcut and head directly to the drug store. For minor ailments this practice may be a welcome one – saves both time and money. But often overzealous chemists hand over prescription drugs readily over the counter. This might prove dangerous. They usually give you no receipt and therefore are able to shun any responsibility.

But if a poor rickshaw-puller feels that all’s not right with him. He forgoes a day’s earning by waiting at the government dispensary’s unending queue. A place where the medicines prescribed by the doctor on public payroll are usually not available. But surprisingly in full-stock at the adjacent privately-run chemist’s shop.

Or he simply walks to the chemist, narrates his woes, pops his pills and goes back to work.

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  • Owen

    I fell ill last year when I was in Delhi. I don’t know what came in to me, but I hesitated to go to the doctor and opted to wait till I get back to Manila (which was 3 days away). I ended up in Medical City 3 days after for a herniorraphy procedure. twas an experience.just blog hoppin from niko.

  • Abaniko

    gargling water with salt also helps. plus vitamin c and sufficient rest. it’s tough to get sick these days.

  • aklanta

    Interesting part is that most of the druggists are just as amature as we are…

  • dwaipayan

    i can relate to this very much.each year i have a throat sore after durga puja and milieu(our college fest). but i like the pic a lot. keep posting such nice pics

  • Rita

    I have done this so many times when i used to live in student hostels. It is an easy way out but can be really dangerous!

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Post puja blues….every year I fall sick after the pujas. I blame it on the 5 or so suprahectic days. About pill popping, at least you go to a pharmacist, I have a list (very enthusiastically provided by mon family) for every regular ailment, cough, cold, asthma, you name it…I didn’t know till recently that it was harmful.