Definitely not stupider than me. Bogged with helping coordinate and conduct over 700 interviews in three days, I didn’t even get the opportunity to read my favourite blogs, nor the time to go through the emails that came my way before replying.

Dwaipayan put this seemingly innocent question my way, “What was your first love?” I in my moronic greatness provided him the innocent answer. The next thing I knew was that he posts my password as a comment on this blog. I didn’t realise what was going on. I changed my passwords and played ignorant. This morning I find my new passwords in my inbox, forwarded by Dwaipayan. And as a favour he reveals my stupidity. That question was the clue leading to the revelation of the passwords.

I have learnt my lesson. But it does not guarantee any similar foolishness on my part in the near future.

P.S. The accompanying photo is Dwaipayan’s. The girls at my workplace find him ‘cute.’

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