Shillong City Bus
Shillong City Bus
Shillong City Bus
Chassis and engine from a Tata or Ashok Leyland truck (some vintage ones with Mercedes and Bedford engines still exist), body locally made of wood and tin. Their popularity declining but classic Shillong city buses still continue doing what they are the best at – ferrying passengers at the slowest possible pace.

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  • dwaipayan

    i’m not gonna say anything bout this spite of this bus wala post, shouldn’t u write one about the new member in ur family?c’mon. post it. he has promoted u to the post of uncle.

  • Soumyadip

    <>Dwaipayan<> The little bundle of joy demands a comprehensive post. Such itsy-bitsy postings will not do him justice.

  • Abaniko

    The bus still looks new, huh? It’s a classic beauty.

  • asabnis

    the second one is a collectible!!!

  • Mirage

    Nice…its pretty amazing that some things dont change!When I went to Mumbai for the first time, I was pretty excited to see those double deckered buses…they look so cool, dont they?!

  • Rita

    I think the bus does justice to the easy going pace of a hill station. 😀

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    The bus reminds me of the toy trains in Darjeeling recently seen in Parineeta and earlier seen in Aradhana and other movies.Why is it not saved as a national treasure?

  • pallavi

    ahh nostalgia again !! 🙂

  • evie

    hey u.pretty brilliant way of capturing the buses of shillong that way.. am a shillongite n i must say…. THANK GOD U DIDN’T CAPTURE THOSE OTHER FILTHY LOOKING BUSES… actually thank u.but i must ask… wen wer u in shillong?

  • AquaM

    Hi Sowmya,Uncle huh!! Congratulations:)) Everything about Shillong seems like a fairytale.

  • hey really nice way to tell that some things don’t change