Tehelka - 2nd Anniversary Special
It was late 2003 and I, a recent migrant to the capital was wandering about in a mall, jobless and cash starved. Someone approached me and asked if I would like to contribute to a collective citizens’ effort towards free, fair and fearless journalism. Fresh out of J school, I couldn’t have said no. Operation Westend (and the aftermath) was still so fresh in my mind. I paid Rs. 100 (a big sum for me then) for a two month’s subscription. February 2004, my brother called me up to let me know that the first copy was delivered home. Two years hence, Tehelka tells us ‘What’s Right about India’ in a 68-page 2nd Anniversary Special. I didn’t renew the subscription, but didn’t stop reading. Now the vendor outside the office gives me my weekly copy.

I usually purchase three types of publications – the popular, the passionate and the obscure (the sets rarely overlap). I pay for the popular but seldom read; the obscure rests in some unnoticeable corner of my cluttered abode. Though Tehelka claims to be ‘India’s Fastest Growing Weekly,’ the reporting and the writing symbolise passion. But passion alone cannot keep the hearths burning. Do get the issue, its Rs. 10 only. If that’s not reason enough let me give you ten:

1. Megnad Desai
2. Vinod Mehta
3. JM Lyngdoh
4. Javed Akhtar
5. Tarun Tejpal
6. Jehangir Sabavala
7. Raghu Rai
8. Prabuddha Dasgupta
9. Khushwant Singh
10. Uma Bharati

(and lots more…)

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