Blogger Blocked?Is India going the China way? When I wasn’t able to open any * pages, I thought that there might be a problem with the servers there. But when I tried accessing the same sites routed though, they were opening fine. Though I could post through, I couldn’t view my blog. When I tried at my workplace where we use a different ISP (Airtel), all * pages seemed to be accessible. Then I came across Mridula’s and Neha’s posts and found that I wasn’t alone and the conspiracy theory might have some concrete substance in it.

But worrynot, it’s not that easy to make things inaccessible in a techno world like ours. has handy tips about getting around stupid attempts at censorship. Like they say in Hindi movies “Marne wale se bachane wala bada hota hain (The saviour is more potent than the destroyer).”

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  • Abhishek

    is this hitch in some specific areas???i cud access blogger last night!

  • Nabanita

    last 2 days i ccudn’t access blogspot..but today i can….

  • dwaipayan

    well, i couldn’t even face the same probs as my net connection was screwed up for last 24 hours

  • Anonymous

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