It’s been over six months since someone last tagged me. Thanks Appu for the tag.

Here are the rules:

1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. Eight things about you.
3. Tag six people.

The following isn’t exactly an original but excerpts from a previous where I was required to list 20.

1. As a kid I was afraid of crocodiles hiding beneath my bed (monsters didn’t scare me)
2. In school, I once faked injury in a fight to get my rival punished. I again faked injury during selection for the inter-house cricket match to avoid humiliation of being dropped from the team (no I’m not Saurav Ganguly)
3. Black is my favorite colour (but doesn’t black signify the absence of any colour whatsoever?)
4. I had a fetish for weapons and collected quite a many (no guns), but never used them for their intended purpose (maybe it has something to my momentary desire to become a mafia don)
5. I hate chain letters. Nothing good has ever come to me forwarding them and ostensibly nothing ill happened by ignoring them
6. While eating oranges, I swallow the seeds (and no orange tree has sprouted from my tummy yet)
7. I prefer fountain pens over ball pointed ones
8. I like to break rules (this isn’t from original list of 20)

The requirements of rule no. 1 and 2 have been fulfilled. For rule no. 3, refer to no. 8 above.

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