The tagline reads “a repository of (mostly) useless information, since 2005.” Vijay Krishna, from Chennai, India, has been taking forward his personalised encyclopedic expedition since May 2005 (the time when I also began ventured into this addictive blogisthan, actually my first post was two days older than his. Jingalala!). Like many of us, he started off with Blogger, but later moved on to his personal domain (powered by WordPress) during the Blog Block.

After a long time visited his blog physically (had been reading posts on the feed reader for long) and liked the Tulip Time theme.

The (belated) ninth Isspecial Cutting Chai (December 2006) is offered to Vijay of VKpedia for his interesting (and not useless) takes on the world of sports.

He writes on other things too, for me sports (cricket and football) is his forte. And it is more appropriate considering there are tea breaks in cricket.

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