It has to be amongst the oldest and the most popular depilatory cream in the country. In school we threatened fellow (male) students with application of Anne French on their manes. A few had also experimented with the product on their upper lips before graduating to the razor. It has been around for a long long time as this ad shows. This is from Desh (the Bengali literary magazine) dated November 13, 1965.

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Anne French Hair Remover
Facial quality Anne French Hair Remover. Creams hair away from face, legs, arms & underarms (and from other places too).
Registered user: Geoffrey Manners & Co. Ltd.

Here’s another modern ad for the same product, exemplifying the results, if we had actually carried out our empty threats.

Anne French Hair Remover
Anne French – Always keep the content in its original bottle

Follow this link for a brief history of the product complete with more vintage advertising.

The issue of Desh was contributed by Dwaipayan.

PS: This is my newly acquired scanner at work. More will follow.

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