It is one of those times when I go crazy and venture on a shopping spree, though not like the shopaholic escapades of the other half of the species, which just keep on adding non-utilitarian items to the already scarce cupboard space. Here’s a list of notable items I acquired over the last few days.

1. Transcend 2GB USB drive JF V30 Rs 750 ~ $17
These are just getting cheaper and cheaper. There was a 1GB drive (I don’t remember the make) for Rs 400. Cheap dirt cheap (RIP floppies – they’ve been long dead – and CDRWs).

2. Samsung DVD Writer SH-S182F Rs 1850 ~ $42
It does almost all the stuff that a DVD writer needs to do (including DVD 9, which isn’t 9GB). Already made that mandatory trip to underground (double meaning here) Palika Bazar and stocked up my library.

3. Creative MuVo N200 1GB Rs 3750 (+ taxes) ~ $84
Not for me, I’m relatively content with my Samsung YP-U2, but as a wedding gift for our boss. The big brands (like Sony) continue to be obscenely expensive, Creative has a nice array of players, some with sub Rs 1300 prices. Didn’t try it out, so can’t exactly vouch for the sound quality, but Creative’s desktop speakers have had a good reputation.

4. HP Deskjet F370 All-in-One Rs 3700 (+ taxes) ~ $83
Wanted to get one for a long time. Ideally should’ve got a separate scanner and printer, but constraints of space and money had the final say. Now there’ll be more vintage advertisements and other scanned stuff on this blog.

5. USB extension cable Rs 15 ~ $0.33
SInce my assembled PC doesn’t have a front USB port (it has, but that doesn’t work) and it is quite difficult to go behind everytime, this one comes handy. But doesn’t work with my digital camera and digital audio player. Is only USB drive friendly.

6. Intex PC headphones (Standard) Rs 65 ~ $1.46
Needed a pair for work, had been using my audio player’s ear phones for long.

All the above purchases were made impromptu. No research and limited bargaining (as a result of the former). There were also other stuff, but they all don’t demand a mention. Yes, I also got Moserbaer blank DVDs (4.7 GB 16x) @ Rs 12 a piece. Blank DVD 9 media costs Rs 160! I can get 13.33 blank DVDs for that price.

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