A calendar for the year when it is already four months down the calendar of the year?

Had originally intended to release one at the beginning of the year, but that coincided with a new job. And a new job, initially, means no time (as reflected in the erratic blog posts). Thanks to being disconnected from the internet at home for the last few days, I did a lot of things which I otherwise wouldn’t as I’d be wilfing away in the virtual universe.

Presenting the Cutting the Chai Calendar 2007 – and if anybody wants one for herself/himself (a faint possibility anyway) you can download a printable version from here [PDF 900KB]. The printable calendar is in A4 size (landscape) and includes prominent Indian holidays and festivals, given that a vast majority of visitors to this blog have an India connection.

No, it doesn’t feature any females (or males) in miniature clothing. I would’ve put some, but then no one would like to pose for my already obsolete point-and-shoot digital camera and moreover I don’t make that kind of money to hire someone.

A decent and lightweight PDF reader (Foxit Reader) can be downloaded for free from here.