2009 CalendarSome stats first…

At the time of posting this, the 2008 Cutting the Chai calendar has been downloaded over 1102 times. The inaugural edition in 2007 was downloaded 519 times.

And here’s the 2009 edition of the Cutting the Chai Calendar (with Indian festivals and holidays).

This printable calendar is in the standard A4 size (minus any frills), so that you can take easy printouts and put it up wherever you want to. Moreover, this calendar is in a compact single page, that saves you the trouble of flipping it over every month.

Major Indian festivals and holidays have also been included as they are usually not found in most calendars available online.

This time the printable calendar is available in three formats (PDF, JPG and GIF). Take your pick.

2009 Calendar with Indian Festivals and Holidays (Size A4)

Download PDF [383 KB]
Download JPG [164 KB]
Download GIF [52 KB]

The official Government of India list of holidays in 2009

2009 Gazetted Holidays
[JPG 108 KB]
2009 Restricted Holidays [JPG 191 KB]

Have a Happy 2009!