There was a time when I spent much of my spare time cutting the chai, but now with so much Googooling, the fire beneath the tea pot at Cutting the Chai is rarely lit. But some traditions need continuing and so here’s the seventh edition of Cutting the Chai calendar.

The style more or less remains the same and focuses on what you need from a calendar the most – dates and holidays. The calendar, as always, is in a print friendly pdf format – colour prints though will look better. The paper size to use is A4, the size we Indians seem to have a weakness for. The calendar also highlights major Indian holidays and festivals. The list of holidays is according to the official Government of India list of holidays and includes both gazetted and restricted holidays.

The calendar is also available in image formats – png, jpg and gif. This means you may also use it as a desktop wallpaper or for any other purpose that you may think of.

If you want to receive a physical copy of Cutting the Chai 2013 calendar via snail mail fill, send an email mentioning your mailing address to and I will send a copy across. Free!

Since 2012, the Cutting the Chai calendar also serves as a template for the calendar (I work as sort of a handyman cum incubator at IBNLive), therefore any similarities between the two are obvious.

Download Printable A4 One-Page Calendar with Indian Festivals and Holidays

PDF [1.36 MB]
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Also included is a printable A4-sized list of the official 2013 Government of India list of gazetted and restricted holidays.

Download official 2013 Government of India list of festivals and holidays

PDF [315 KB]