Hello everyone! This is Yana (spiritual vehicle to god), though my school register would spell my name as Yashna (one with fame). I turned two today (not years, months), and my kaku/chachu (I’ll decide what to call once I start speaking) is yet to post a post on his blog about me.

He puts the blame on his elder brother (ie my father) for not sending him many of my photographs. Though I’m a well behaved child and haven’t given my parents much trouble (yet), everyone is quite busy. Dada is a little naughty (old readers of this blog would know him) and manages to keep people around occupied.

Chachu wants to rush to Shillong to meet me, but he can’t. This is the price you pay for switching jobs too often.

Since no one was doing it for me, I thought that it would be more appropriate that I announce my presence to this corner of the blogosphere myself. That’s all folks. Gagagoogoo… (go figure).

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