Was playing around with the recently launched Google Insights for Search and discovered some interesting (some expected) trends. Though “Insights for Search applies a filter for search terms that may be explicitly sexual,” it still is a lot of fun.

Googling Google

One thing that struck me is that Indians search for Google on Google the most.

Google Insights for Google

But Indians are not the only ones, most countries have the term Google on the top 10 most searched terms (It should be kept in note that search for “Google” doesn’t imply only Google, but also includes related terms like Google Earth, Google Maps. The title of the post was just to catch some attention). And the interest in Google has shown an increasing trend worldwide since 2004 to present (that’s the maximum date range in Insights).

The next obvious term is “sex” and the Pakistanis rule the roost here. Followed by Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. India stands seventh in exhibiting interest for the search keyword “Sex”. India’s not-so-friendly western neighbour is also the numero uno in the hunt for “boobs”, “breasts”, “penis”, “rape”, “xxx”, “nudity” and more (I have better things to do then exploit my neighbours’ secret desires).

Google Insights for sex

Within India Orissa stands first in ‘sex search’ followed by Delhi. Chattisgarh, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram and Nagaland seem to be the least interested in such activities (the search volume index for the states read zero).

Trinidad and Tobago look for porn via Google the most. Bangladesh comes in second. United Kingdom is at number three. And most, obviously, look for “free porn”.

Google Insights for porn

Lesser developed countries seem to more eagerly seek their national identity online than more developed countries. A random search showed that the country name ranked as the top searched item in these countries (India is an exception).

Countries that have witnessed turmoil feature prominently in the search for “peace”.

Google Insights for peace

Some random snippets to end this post:

* Honduras is most interested in Paris Hilton
* Albania seems to have a huge Pamela Anderson following
* Americans like their guns, but followed in the second place by Iraq
* The US is still looking for WMDs on Google
* But Cameroon seems to be more interested in Saddam Hussein (US doesn’t make it to the top of the list for Saddam Hussein searches)
* India seeks the most ‘outsourcing’, the developed world (besides Singapore) doesn’t seem to care much
* Nepal has the hots for “Aishwarya Rai”
* Katrina Kaif is more popular in Pakistan than in India
* Salman Khan is a huge hit in Somalia. Nepal is a faraway second.
* The Somalis also drool over Kareena. Pakistanis are a distant runner-up
* Pakistan and Fiji are more interested in Bollywood than India
* The Kiwis seem to the most excited about the Olympics
* Indians express the most interest for “silicon implants”, but the popularity of the term seems to be fading over time.

Do come up with more interesting Insights.

(The above ‘findings’ are just assumptions via my limited understanding of Google Insights for Search and should not be construed as real)

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