I had been looking for a good Olympics medal tally widget to put up on this blog. But didn’t seem to find one. The thinness of this blog’s side panels add to the problem. Then discovered these (on Google News). But they still can’t fit in where I want them to.

With Abhinav Bindra winning the first ever individual Olympic gold for India [Pics], it becomes more appropriate for the occasion.

See whether they fulfill your needs (they aren’t mine. Google property).

2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally Widget
The Code:

2008 Beijing Olympics Events Widget
The Code:

2008 Beijing Olympics Events/Medals Combo Widget
The Code:

You can customise the widgets before embedding them on your blog/website by making changes to the height and width parameters and change the alignment replacing the align=”left” with align=”right” or align=”center”.

Update: This process might no longer be necessary for Blogger blogs as Blogger has introduced Google gadgets for all layout blogs. And there a few Olympic medal tally gadgets listed in there.

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