Mass For Awareness, an NGO headed by cartoonist Neeraj Gupta, has initiated a campaign to educate the voters about the people they choose to represent them at the highest seat of democracy in the country – the Parliament.

As a prelude to an extended campaign that would run upto the Lok Sabha elections in 2009, the organisation has released this poster:

Sansad Par Hamla - An Awareness Drive
A rough translation:
Do you want such saleable MPs in our Parliament…
If no, then…
…Do cast your invaluable vote during the upcoming 15th Lok Sabha elections.
And while voting do keep in mind whether who you are voting for is fit to enter the Parliament.
“Parliament Attacked”
Participate in an awareness campaign that keeps you alive.
Because if you are aware then you are alive.

If you wish to pass the message along, copy the code below and paste it on your blog/website:

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