Often you have to wait for ages to transfer files to/from your harddisk to/from a portable storage device.

This usually happens if the number of files that you are transferring is too large, even if their individual sizes may be low. Such time consuming experiences are usually experienced while transferring a large collection of photos or a software folder.

The easy way out is to zip the files and then transfer. Yes, you might have to make an additional effort of first zipping and then unzipping the files. But in my sample experiment the total time taken in the suggested process was much lesser than direct cut/copy and paste route.

Exhibit one:
Normal File Transfer

Exhibit two:
Zipped File Transfer

Since compression isn’t the objective here, use the fastest option (that results in the least compression) to zip the files (the nomenclature might be different in different compression/decompression software).

Recommended download: 7-Zip

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