Madhya Pradesh TourismThe last ad of this series was released in April 2007 – the very catchy and wonderfully executed Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho ad for Madhya Pradesh Tourism (Incredible India). And in May 2009 comes another memorable ad. Some feel that the the first one was better and don’t think much of the new TVC. I beg to differ, a little.

Like the last time Cutting the Chai is the first to put up the ad on the internet (I checked).

Download video [00:00:59 FLV 1.31 MB]
Download hi-res video [00:01:01 AVI 3.61 MB]

Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho was more like an ad showcasing the wonders of the state of Madhya Pradesh and inviting people to come visit.

This time, the theme is similar but with a little twist, it is not an invitation for MP Tourism but an endorsement (dekho to dekha), a kind of a first person account. And the bioscope makes way for a pair of very expressive (and continually moving) eyes.

This new jingle is also very catchy, quite like the last, and would make for a good ringtone. Preview and download if you like:

Download ringtone [MP3 472 KB 00:00:59 64kbps Stereo 44 kHz]

Lyrics of the song:

Hindustan Ka Dil Dekha

Bandar dekha, haathi dekha.
Barahsingha, aur cheetal dekha.

Mowgli ke jungleon mein,
Sher Khan ko dekha.

Pachmarhi Satpura ka ajooba,
Bhopal lake mein suraj dooba.

Mandu ka jahaz mahal,
Aur marble ka pahad dekha.

Mahakaal mandir mein pooja,
Photo khicha jaake Orcha.

Gwalior ke kile mein bhatka,
Khajuraho ne de diya jhatka.

Dhim tana dhi re na… nadir…

Purvajon ko milne jule,
Jaa bahita mein Bhimbhetka.

Train ki chik chuk sunte,
Aa pahucha mein Sanchi stupa.

Sanchi ki shanti mein,
Khudke aandar jhaak ke dekha.

Hindustan ka dil dekha.
Hindustan ka dil dekha.

The heart of incredible India.
Madhya Pradesh

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