Update: The symbol for the Indian Rupee has been officially included in the latest release of the Unicode Standard (ver 6.0.0)

Though this is the FIRST font to support the new symbol for the Indian Rupee, I suggest that you also take a look at some of the other Rupee fonts available.

Foradian Technologies has also come up with a font that supports the new Rupee symbol.

There was much excitement today over the new Cabinet-sanctioned symbol for the Indian Rupee. Rupee was also a top trending topic on Twitter today and still is (at the time of posting).

Interestingly, the design by D Udaya Kumar didn’t feature amongst the five short-listed symbols circulated in the media last month.

Here are the short-listed symbols printed in the Delhi edition of The Times of India dated June 24:

Shortlisted Symbols for the  Indian Rupee
Shortlisted Symbols for the Indian Rupee - The Times of India June 24

Anyway the chosen symbol looks far better than the five shown above and I quite like it.

New Indian Rupee Symbol
The new symbol for the Indian Rupee

What saddened me a little is that no one seemed to care about the poor Paise/Paisa. If the Cent can have its symbol, so should the Paise. I modified Udaya Kumar’s Rupee a bit to (unofficially) represent the Paise.

Unofficial Indian Paise Symbol

It’ll take a while before the new Rupee symbol gets the necessary standards approvals and is incorporated into the existing software (and also new hardware). So for the interim, I’ve put together a Rupee font that you can download, install and then use.

You may download the Rupee.ttf font file from here.

While this may be the first ever font to support the Rupee symbol, it is also an amateurish effort (of mine) at font creation and is also non-standard.

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