Searching Kaun Banega Crorepati on GoogleAn association with Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is what Google TV needs to be a success in India, that is whenever it launches in our tech-neglected country.

KBC has got Indians googling for answers to the questions asked on the show. Interestingly, some of the searching also happens much after the show is aired and Amitabh Bachchan has let the world know what computerji says is the correct answer.

Commonsense says Indians would be searching for answers to the Ghar Baithe Lakhpati question, that allows viewers to win a lakh by texting (or dialling) the correct answer. But Google Trends doesn’t seem to agree. Maybe because most Ghar Baithe Lakhpati questions are just so dumbass. We don’t need the power of online search to tell us which insect transmits malaria or that your wife’s younger sister is your saali.

A look Google Trends, since October 11 when the season four of KBC started airing, shows that every day a number of KBC-question-related keywords find a place amongst the top 20 keywords searched for from India.

Therefore a KBC-powered-Google-TV or a Google-TV-powered-KBC has a potential to lure in us Indians. That is if the devices are not obscenely priced as many of the much-desired electronic products usually are.

Imagine the fun of knowing the answers even before computerji reveals them (but then it kills the idea of quizzing, doesn’t it?). The parties involved can also have a revenue share deal where they split the monies generated through the ads clicked on Google’s search result pages.

That Google TV may not give a satisfactory performance in Indian conditions, given our internet speed and the number of HDTVs with HDMI ports across Indian living rooms, can be a topic for a separate post.

Till then here’s a question for you to google: If the geographical coordinates of your official residence is 28°36’52″N 77°11’59″E, you are the…

(Since this is Cutting the Chai and not KBC no multiple-choice answers to choose from.)