The year-end is the season of deals and discounts and my neighbourhood supermarket is also trying to lure shoppers with the ‘best bargains.’

Bharti Retail’s Easy Day outlet at Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad had this tempting offer on Cadbury Gems: 30 paise off on a pack costing Rs 30 (that’s a full 1% off on the MRP).

Cadbury Gems for Rs 30 now at Rs 29.70!

Even the poster in the background proudly claims in Hindi: सबसे कम दाम हर दिन (the lowest prices, daily).

At least this offer isn’t misleading. All the facts are right there upfront. Unlike the discount sales in many footwear and apparel outlets, where the rates are first inflated and then a discount offered.

Categories: Consumer Awareness