That film, that we have watched uncountable times, has been re-released in 3D. That I want to watch Sholay in a theatre has nothing to do with it being in 3D, but I want to experience what I (and possibly many of you) haven’t – Sholay on the big screen. From a videotape in the 1980s to a mobile phone today, I have watched the landmark in many formats but never on the silver screen. By the time I was of a theatre-going age, it wasn’t being screened anywhere where I could go.

And here’s another something that you wouldn’t have seen before – a Sholay Google doodle (albeit an unofficial one, that has now become another Cutting the Chai tradition) – commemorating the 3D release of the greatest Hindi film ever made (Also see: The best of Sholay jokes).

Sholay 3D: The unofficial Google doodle

(You’ll need those red-cyan anaglyph 3D glasses to see the doodle in full effect)

Trivia: The only time (yet) Google doodled a doodle for a specific film was on Mar 14, 2011 to mark the 80th anniversary of the first Indian talkie Alam Ara.

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