Moon Moon Sen, to me, is more of a model than an actress. I recall seeing her more in print than on the screen. In fact, I have watched very few of her films (well, there are very few watchable Moon Moon Sen films).

According to the (sometimes no-so-reliable) Wikipedia entry on her, “she notably modelled for soap ads which were quite controversial in the 1980s.” I, however don’t recall any such controversy.

While I will look for those “controversial” soap ads in question, here’s a toilet powder advertisement from 1986 featuring Moon Moon Sen from a brand that also made soaps, Godrej’s Cinthol.

Moon Moon Sen Cinthol poweder ad
My favourite co-star?
I can do a triple shift with it and still feel fresh and beautiful…”
– Moon Moon Sen
Godrej Cinthol Luxury Toilet Powder
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