You might have read the reviews, or better still, watched the ‘motion picture’. Shoojit Sircar’s Piku brings out the poop (or rather the lack of it) obsession from the Bangali bhadrolok’s household to the silver screen, much to the amusement of us Bangalis and oBangalis (non-Bengalis) alike.

Not sure if any other community is as publicly concerned about constipation as this fish-devouring one. But then, not all Bangalis are open to the idea of using bowel-movements as a conversation starter or in need a daily dose of Gelusil and isabgol.

For this other kind (who post-Piku have a higher stereotypification risk), Cutting the Chai presents a t-shirt design – that can be customised for all non-constipated Mukherjees, Chatterjees, Sens, Duttas, Roys, Basus, Chakrabortys, Ghoshes, Bhowmiks and, of course, Choudhurys 😉

Post-Piku t-shirt

A panjabi (kurta in Bangla) variant is also on its way and will be on sale on Snapdeal (where else?) soon.

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