The latest from RGV Film Company’s Factory is after quite long a while not the usual assembly line product which the Factory seemed to be churning out. Yes, the Godfather influence is omnipresent, so is the alleged inspiration from the life and times of Balasaheb Thakrey.

Technical finesse has always been a characteristic of all Factory products, so Sarkar can obviously be no exception. Infact it goes a step further. If Satya was raw RGV, Sarkar is the refined form.

The drawback of the lack of novelty in the story is more than made up by the performances. Big-B Amitabh yet again proves why he is the Big-B and Abhishek – the small-b is no less a b than his sire. Kay Kay as always is…

Some scenes are so well executed they incite you to give a standing ovation. I somehow had to restrain myself. Especially the one where Shankar (Abhishek) tells his father that he killed his brother.

No playback singers, only an impressive background score.

A friend pointed out a flaw – Maharastrians supposedly call their elder brothers Bhau rather than Bhaiya, a word which in Bombay has other inferences.

Ramu Rules!

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