Little Bundle of Happiness
This post is a month and 22 days late. But I had to wait for the photographs. My lazy and now preoccupied brother was too busy changing nappies to let me have a look at the newest addition to the family. And when I did, I was preoccupied with the viewing them over and over again.

There’s a little baby inside us, which finds vent whenever it interacts with someone from the same age group. Why else do we all go, “Oooh gulugulu, aaanana coochocoochocoo?” I say that to his photographs. Wonder what else I’ll tell him when I meet him? He talks to me over the phone, says “hello” in his baby talk and I respond accordingly. Can’t just wait to hold him on my lap, tell him all the wonderful stories, sing him lullabies (my singing has the potential to awaken a sleeping Kumbhakaran). It’s been quite a long time since someone wet my shirt, and I smiled.

But the new job doesn’t entitle me to leaves before three months of association. He can’t possibly grow up so much in three months, so as not to comprehend my baby talk. Till then I’ll keep the dry run on with the pics on my PC.

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