The troublesome twins didn’t accompany their parents to India. The last time when Chelsea Clinton accompanied her Democrat father (who was disappointed on knowing that a bidi wasn’t as effective as a cigar) to this age old land, a friend had a major crush on her. Fortunately for him, the absence of the Bush sisters had let things remain uncomplicated – it would have been tough to focus his affections.

The Bush visit has kept sting operations off-air for some time. From sniffer dogs at Rajghat to Sania Mirza‘s Hyderabad, the channels had a lot of questions to ask their exclusive panel of ‘experts.’ The nuclear (or energy) deal (or agreement) will also provide enough fodder for weeks to come.

Junior Bush was all praise for the world’s largest democracy and the Prime Minister cum External Affairs Minister stretched that arm a little extra. After all, it’s all about money, honey. One is greedy, the other needy. There were protests, some pretty visible and audible ones. Some protested just because they are in the habit of protesting, else no one takes notice of them. Back in the US of A the Democrats would’ve had their claws sharpened, but Bush wouldn’t worry much, he’s got the numbers in the Congress. It will be business as usual, more investments, more Bangalored workers, more H1-Bs, more sales and more Iraqs.

Though the Bush visit was a big event, it wasn’t a phenomenon (in appeal) as the Clinton visit. The absence of the twins and the presence of Chelsea wasn’t the difference.

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