James Bond's Own Car

The extra zero is just to confuse the SPECTRE, Quantum and SMERSH guys. And no one would expect the swashbuckling spy in a humble 800.

(This photograph was taken in Shillong and the vehicle is registered in East Garo Hills District of Meghalaya)

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  • Vinayak Razdan

    LOL. I guess its defense mechanism wan’t activated while you took the pic.

  • ram

    I have been using < HREF="http://www.bharathautomobiles.com/maruti_800_dx_for_sale_Kochi-o26752.html" REL="nofollow">second hand maruthi 800<>.My son said “Only old man like james bond can only drive 800.Is it true ?

  • Mumu

    Did he drown a fish lol