SnipshotAre the days of installing software onto the hard disks coming to an end? The signs strongly indicate in that direction. We’ve heard about (and some of us have also tried out) Google’s Spreadsheets as an alternative to MS Excel. Now I found this – an alternative to Adobe Photoshop in the making, but still has a long way to go – Snipshot. It allows editing of huge images up to 10 MB or 5000X5000 pixels. You can import images from a website or your hard disk, save the images in different formats. Basic editing like crop, resize, rotate and other image adjustments. More features are promised to be on the way. And most importantly it is free and very easy (I edited the accompanying Snipshot logo using their online photo editing tool).

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  • asabnis

    try full fledged photo editing tools – including layers and all – download – and open source.

  • R

    Yeah, GIMP is kinda cool too.

  • Intern

    Interesting collection of Vintage Indian adverts.

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