Work In Progress - Sorry for the Inconvenience

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  • educatedunemployed


  • Rita

    eta ki?

  • Soumyadip

    The mindless musings is going for an overhaul. Presently working on a new look and feel for the blog – though the content promises to remain as mindless as ever. Being a comparative non-<>gyaani<> when it comes to the nuances of web tech, but nevertheless attempting to do everything on my own – with a little help from the great Google of course. Therefore, there’ll be a momentary pause on my online activities. Excuse me please.

  • Anonymous

    hi!this is rudradeep,my hometown is shillong,work in bangalore.canu tell me where can i find pic of”lei shlyyong”?regdsrudra[email protected]

  • Abhishek

    i am confused.

  • AquaM

    very original n creative!🙂

  • Nabeel

    isn’t it always?