St. Edmund’s College, Shillong

St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong
St. Edmund's College, Shillong

Update: April, 18, 2006

Links to more photographs and a video of St. Edmund’s College, Shillong are available here [Goodies for Edmundians]

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  • dwaipayan

    it must be ur college. and if it is, envy u. presi gave me and is still giving me everything . but i love that lane and the fallen leaves. well, we have a lover’s lane nad our own hang outs in the college which have a charm of their own, but after all…….presi is not in a hilly region!!!!!!!

  • Admin

    St. Edmunds, St. Anthony’s… I remember when i went with my grandpa to St. Edmunds to meet my uncle who was studying there. It was 1988… It was my first time in Shillong, and the only photograph we could find of my grandpa( after he died) was the one we took in shillong.. Brings back loving memory

  • Mriganayanii

    Did you take those pictures? THEY ARE FANTASTIC MAN!!!i totally flipped on the top view of the winding lane, as well as the fallen leaves – the angle is just superb.came here through thalasaCheers!

  • Rita

    Oooooo ma! Why do you keep posting such beautiful pics? They make me yearn for a vacction. 🙂BTW, is that your college?

  • Anonymous

    the photos are dark, they need to be lightened up for web viewing. do in the needful in a photo-editing sw.

  • Soumyadip

    I have spent three wonderful years in there, studying, playing, flirting and what not. And many more wandering around its colossal campus. Thanks <>anonymous,<> for the tip. I tried to brighten it up, but that somewhat spoils the mood. I like it this way only. Anyway, the weather in Shillong is ‘like this only.’

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Wow! I have no words. Simply beautiful and poignant because of the empty campus.

  • AquaM

    Wow, I’m floored. U r one lucky guy..:)Shillong, here I come!AquaM

  • Dipanjan

    Hit upon your blog while searching on Shillong, a place I haven’t visited in 10 years and miss dearly. Nice to see St Edmund’s college looks just the same… great photos. You mention Karimganj in your posts, you should post photos if you have any. Although I never really lived in the north-east, my parents did; and I have fond memories of those places from my childhood. Thank you for bringing them back.

  • bholey nath

    edmunds5.jpg is undoubtedly hte most remarkable pix. too good

  • pallavi


  • Joydeep Choudhury

    Thanks for posting those lovely snaps. Made me nostalgic. I spent 12 years on that campus – 12 formative years that have made me what I am today. Even now, whenever I happen to visit Shillong, I make a pilgrimage to Edmund’s. Pity that most of the old, wooden buildings have been demolished. But, I still haven’t seen another campus that is even a patch on St Edmund’s, Shillong. It is my regret that I now live elsewhere and my son does not study in St Edmund’s.

  • Anonymous

    SoumyadipThanks for making me nostalgic as my mind fleets thru memory lane …1975 to 1987 were 12 long years that I cherish and dream of and yearn that those days come back…again and again…..alas !!!The winding lane and the steps (in your last pic) were treaded by me for 10 long years to reach school and the playgrounds left me spellbound.As I ponder over fond memories, sitting in a pile of concrete in Los Angeles …I can vividly recollect our anthem…SEC for St. Edmunds…winners in every field…remember? Debasish Datta[email protected]

  • the_absorber

    Hey, my name is Bertrand and was a pupil of St. Edmund’s School for 11 whole years. Now, I am currently doing my BSc from there. Nice to see such beautiful pictures of the campus. You did a good job. There is NO OTHER PLACE like it. Its great to be part of the BIG EDMUNDIAN FAMILY. Would love to hear from Edmundians, maybe I can you keep you upto date with the latest happenings in and around the college. My email add is [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Lovely pics. I know of a Yahoo eGroup of st.edmunds shillong.over 200 edmunds alumni there from the 1940’s to the more recent:

  • Anonymous

    Thanks my dear friend and fellow Edmundian Brother. These pictures brought a tear in the corner of my eye. How I miss that winding tree lined lane in between the first and the second playground. Used to run around sans cares or worries as a kid down that hallowed pathaway. I miss that, I hope I can return someday and see it again in person.**Regards**Shivashish

  • Banshai

    Man that brings out memories…..

  • DK

    hithis is Dikuwas an edmundian for 15 years.. no i did not flunk i was there since school days right unntil i graduated. man u did some good job there with the pix. i have some too i’ll try and post them some time soon meantime do check my blog wanderings2006.blogspot.comtc bye

  • Anonymous

    i would bunk my classes but would still come to college to hang around the campus.i would sit with my friends on the side of the path above the basketball court,eating ‘channa mix’ and checking out the guys.the enviroment of st.edmund’s is is unforgetable.

  • Anonymous

    The pictures speak volumes of the Great St.Edmunds(got to see beyond them). They speak greater of the Edmundians themselves but only an Edmundian would know of such greatness. These photographs connects one with the instituion, the Brothers and most importantly with the Geater Edmundian Family. There are millions of us around.fabian (1994)laitumkhrah.

  • Anonymous

    the pics are great. very much missing my sec my alma mater

  • Avi

    Ever since I left the Campus of SEC(after a long 15 years)….visiting it has become more of a pilgrimage for me. I make it a point to visit Shillong atleast twice a year and trip to Edmunds is a must-must. There has never been a better walk.. along the beaten tracks, so beautifully captured in your pictures.Back in School days the walk past the Chappel had been the best part …not for any divine reasons… well divine i should say…the Statue of Mother Mary.. and the little dole-outs of cash that we used to get just under the statue…Man your photographs have made me nostalgic .. to say the least..

  • dwaipayan

    now i’m seeing this pictures for the 2nd time. and i like them more. coz now i can feel the pictures. the visit to this college is simply awesome. it’s a fact that no college in this world will ever be as good asPresi to me. but i’m just bowled out by the warm welcoming atmosphere,the hilly campus, the girls lirking in the campus, and everything else..the only college where i felt like spending time..After Presi, of course…

  • Ajit Chaliha

    Hey there all!Just wanted to put in a small note to inform all Edmunians who visit that the Dibrugarh chapter of “SEPPA” [St. Edmund’s Past Pupils Association] is organizing the 2007 Re-Union sometime in February 2007, at Dibrugarh, Assam, India.Those interested may contact me at [email protected]. I studied there from 1948 to 1953 and would like to take this opportunity to also invite old Edmunians to join in and take part in the re-union.

  • Sameer

    Great snaps of the college. Do you mind if i download the st. eds logo from your site…its pretty well done. The school website is going to be up shortly…for those interested. Will post the url once it is

  • Sameer

    BTW the college may be found here might also want to have a look at the St. Mary’s College web site

  • Soumyadip

    <>Sameer<> Please feel free to use any of the images. In case you need higher resolution images, just send me an email on the id mentioned in the profile.

  • Franklin_RS

    Hi this is franklin richard I was in this college in the year 1992 way back (I am not so old still young at heart). This pictures has brought tears in my eyes the road and the fallen leaves (so touching). It was in the same road I used to come out of my BT hostel. This is where my girlfriend Seema used to visit me. I miss both of them now.

  • Anonymous

    hey there, i’m Bertrand, currently studying in St. Edmund’s College… as most of you now know, we have an official website: it out if you were a past, a current or will be joining the college… i also invite all the casual browsers… we have a rich heritage and we hope to continue the legacy for many many many more years… if you have any suggestions for the website do email me at [email protected] : i’ll make sure that these suggestions are passed on to my teachers… cheers…

  • Vibha

    Hi..beautiful pics..even i have been part fo this prestigious college and these pics reminds me of the wonderful days i had spent there…good learing…good fun !!!

  • Anonymous

    Once upon a time ‘Shillong’ was called as the ‘Scotland of the EAST’ & down the memory lane where does this road (should I call it a ‘vista’?!)take to ?! … Reminding me some of the lines of Tagore’s most famous song ‘e poth gechhey konkhane go ke jane ta ke jane’ … Don’t know where does this lonely road end and where we are going but still one should continue his/her journey along the path of life … So keep on posting such nice pics.

  • Anonymous

    great pics man!!!!!i was a student of both edmund’s school and college,and i totally freaked out on the pics.really made me nostalgic and send me back to those good ol’ days

  • Thomas Dohling

    The face of St. Edmund’s College, Shillong has changed. There are multi-storied buildings at the entrance (on the Shillong-Jowai Road). The canteen is housed in one of these concrete structures. I was a student during 1987-1992. Double gold medalist – 1st Position in PU (Arts) in 1989 and 1st Class 1st B.A. (Hons)-Geography in 1992. I’m in Delhi now and would like to get in touch with my batch mates, if you know of any.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! man, thanks for the pics. They remind me of my two-year (1983-84) stay there, I now cherish more that I am a part of this great institution than while I was there as a student.
    What wrong with SEC alumni web page?
    LH, Aizawl

  • Nilmoni Sikdar

    I started my secondary student life in Standard 2 in 1945 and finished Senior Cambridge examination in 1952. Up to five years ago I was am active member of Alumni group of Shillong St Edmunds and I was proud of it and suddenly for no apparent reason I stopped receiving members messages and all seems to die a natural death. Is it possible to connect to any surviving member of that great alma mater?

    • If I am not mistaken Ramesh Bawri very actively manages the St. Edmund’s Past Pupils’ Association (SEPPA) group emails. Suggest you reach out to him at seppanbawri [at]