Lady Hyderi Park, Shillong - Notice

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  • AquaM

    okayyyyyyyyyyy, dat was for abanikolol🙂AquaM

  • Abaniko

    Hahaha. Just in case, how much is Rs500 in US$? Bwahaha…

  • Soumyadip

    Yes, it was meant for Abaniko. Rs. 500 translates to approximately $10.83.

  • Owen

    i saw a similar sign too in delhi. Im not sure if it is the same park but i thought i heard them say “Deer Park”. It’s near the Indian Diamond Center.i find it ironic seeing this sign from the place where “Kama Sutra” originated.

  • Admin

    not a heavy price to pay for indecency lol… DO they issue monthly pass? a lil discount for regular indecency..been ages since i went to shilong, you get the best chowmien in shillong at least in india..

  • dwaipayan

    i’m glad victoria memorial hall is not at shillong. here they charge only 50 rs (if u get caught). and u can get away unscratched without spending a single penny if u know how to plead them. ( don’t u dare ask me the source of all these information!!!)

  • Abaniko

    You don’t pay $10.83 if you’re not caught. Not bad. Anyway, I count on my skills. I’m good at timing…..and hiding. (it isn’t indecent if nobody sees, right?). Haha.

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Are you sure this is Shillong? Sounds more and more like Chennai!

  • ashwin sundar

    Ha ha super they need to this do it everywere but then that will be end of cing films for free

  • AquaM

    Dat was too light on his pocket…;)AquaM

  • AquaM

    Update: u too u flirt (Yeah U Soumya…)heheAquaM

  • Pallavi

    Hahahah !!! we have seen some pretty indecent behaivour there.. LOL